2 thoughts on “Where is the Chengdu Dog City? Is it reliable?”

  1. Hi. At present, what I know is that the pet market on the other side seems to be relatively large, but this reliable is not reliable. The key is to depend on whether you understand or not. Like my mother, I gave me only a little Bomei before. It took 3200 yuan to buy. As soon as I saw Bomei’s appearance, she knew that she had bought a high -priced dog. I have watched a video before, named: Chengdu buying pet tutorial at a low price. According to the content mentioned in the video. Boyi like this product is generally around 1,400 yuan. So I asked her to return Bome to the merchant. Then according to the guidance of the video, I bought a 1,600 yuan Bomei again. This Bienian is better, and it saves 1,600 yuan. Therefore, do n’t know if you do n’t know, it is recommended to watch this video to avoid being pitted. I wish you a smooth buying your beloved pet.

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