4 thoughts on “Where is Longgang pet shop?”

  1. Longgang cool dog is really a shop without conscience. I spent a thousand and three to buy a Bomei in his store. I won’t see the dog’s pure impure. It has been raised for four months now. The same is as big as an adult that has completely exceeded the adult Bomi body shape, only to find that it is not Bomei! Although it is not Bomei, it has been affectionate for so long. I just find this shop owner to ask for a statement. Instead, he said that I took other native dogs to pretend to be cheap. It’s funny, this time I really spent money to buy sin, the more I think about it, but in the end I am wrong! Opening the door to do business is not always shiring responsibility and lost his conscience. His business will never do it for a long time! One thousand and three is the value of his shop and his person, the value of the character. Buying a dog in Longgang Cool Dog Shop can only count me unlucky, huh, I hope there is no other buyer.

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