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  1. With the rapid development of the economy, many families with good economy will have pet dogs. On the one hand, they can pass the time, and on the other hand, they can also find some fun. But choosing a pet dog also has certain skills, so how should we choose a pet dog? :1 Dog’s descent: If you are a real person who loves dogs, you will definitely notice what the dog’s blood is like. Only dogs with pure bloodlines are the most pleasing to people. If it is a dog with miscellaneous blood, it is generally not very good -looking, and living habits are not very good. 2 Ears: When choosing a pet dog, we must carefully observe the dog’s ears to see if there are foreign bodies entering the ears, or whether there is a smell. Generally, the healthy puppy is clean and tasteless. 3 Eyes: Eyes are the windows of the soul, and the puppy’s eyes can reflect its mental appearance. A good pet dog must be clear and clean. 4 oral cavity: We must carefully observe the puppy’s oral cavity, pay attention to observe whether the cavity is complete, whether there are disabled, and whether there is a odor. If the puppy’s tongue is pink, it is more perfect. 5 The overall situation: We must carefully observe the overall situation of the pet dog. If the puppy is pulling the head when the puppy is in the event, it is usually a puppy with no spirit. We need to choose some puppies that are more active and like to contact people. 6 hair: Generally, the better varieties of pet dogs. Their hair is straight and soft, and generally a more dynamic performance. Reminder: It is best not to buy online to avoid no -guaranteed week dogs, sick dogs, and pet dogs that are different from you see. If you choose to adopt a stray dog, you also need to bring it

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