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  1. Consultation record · Answer on 2021-11-16nWhat kind of game can make RMB "Sword Spirit" and "Sword Spirit" is a Korean game represented by Tencent. After playing for more than two years, I played with friends at the beginning. Later, I found that there are a lot of gold players in this game because there are a lot of promotion equipment. Gold coins, there are many places to buy various items for gold coins. There are several types of gold coins in this game, good equipment, good techniques, you can enter ... "DNF" mentioned that the game that can earn RMB is inseparable from the DNF horizontal version of the end game. The project, there are countless game studios in China to make online games ... "Zhengtu 2" recently promoted one of the most popular mobile games, known as the exclusive national war mobile game of middle -aged men (local tyrants).

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