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  1. Shenzhen is a magical hot land full of charm. The beautiful Shenzhen Bay is located in a majestic building. This is the Skyworth Group at home and abroad. Skyworth is a large high -tech company that uses Hong Kong Skyworth Digital Holdings Co., Ltd. as a leader to produce consumer electronics, networks and communication products. Established in 1988 and listed in Hong Kong in 2000. After more than 20 years of struggle, Skyworth has been ranked among the world's top ten color TV brands and the 16th China Electronics Top 100. Focusing on digital display core industries, Skyworth Group owns Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd., Skyworth Overseas Development Corporation, Skyworth Digital Technology Company, Skyworth LCD Technology Company, Skyworth Precision Technology Co., Ltd. More than a dozen industry companies, and have six major scientific research institutions including the Silicon Valley Research Office, the Hong Kong R

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