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  1. The medical device sales industry has developed rapidly every year with 14%to 15%of the growth rate, but the marketing model of medical device sales techniques tends to the problem of aging, but the water surface gradually surfaces, which improves the level of sales staff skills. topic.nThe medical device industry has the characteristics of intensive knowledge and funding dense, so the threshold for entering is high, but in recent years, it has attracted a lot of capital. The rich profits must be a very tempting reason. However, the price of the product is high, the cycle is long, and the customer's requirements are strict, but they have set up many problems for the sales staff. There are countless pots of cold water. What should I do? Is it possible to continue? It may be a question they have been asking. The answer is of course continued. The technique is to persist. The following are the sales skills compared from both aspects of hospital equipment and home equipment, for reference for the accumulated medical device salesperson.nLet's mention that if you want to win the medical device market, it is impossible to make a quick decision. Only a long -lasting battle can go. On this road, sales staff do not have good psychological quality, no professional knowledge and sales skills, and it is difficult to succeed.n■ Analysis of various customer psychologynAt present, the sales method of medical devices in the market can be roughly divided into three types: First, the community is targeted or indefinitely sold, commonly known as "leg running". The second is conference marketing, which can be divided into a single meeting marketing and composite meeting marketing type. At present, the marketing ratio of a single conference has been low, and the "community store conference marketing" model is even more common, because the process of increasing the early screening process has increased, the marketing input production ratio is increased, but the weakness of marketing costs is also obvious. Essence The third is the "experience center" model. Compared with conference marketing, it is characterized by the long purchase cycle and higher customer satisfaction.nAfter understanding the basic situation above, we must also understand the psychology of different consumers. Taking household medical devices as an example, the reason why ordinary consumers invest in medical devices is to ensure health. And once this goal is not achieved, they will be accused by other family members. If this happens, it will be very unfavorable to the establishment of the product brand and the formation of word of mouth.nFor medical institutions, as long as they believe that they can get profits in a short period of time (that is, the recovery period), they are usually willing to place orders. Management equipment is more difficult to get orders. This is because the hospital has such a understanding: buying production equipment can make money; buying office equipment is only more comfortable to employees, which will not be much good for the hospital. The approval of sex equipment is often strictly controlled.nConsumers pay more attention to the use of goods when buying medical devices, and consumers who buy daily necessities are more likely to be issues such as the image and taste of the product. Although the price is also an important factor for medical device sales, the first element must be quality. Because consumers have such a knowledge -no matter how cheap things can be eliminated, improving the quality of life is also "white".nFor medical institutions, quality is also the first element that needs to be considered. Because the quality of the product is directly related to the health and even life of patients. Without this foundation, the normal operation of the hospital cannot be mentioned at all. When purchasing the equipment, the leaders are also very concerned about the operating costs, durability, reliability and after -sales service of the equipment. Only these elements can meet the requirements of the hospital, and they will consider buying.n■ Improve personal psychological qualitynGenerally speaking, the transaction amount of medical devices is several times that of daily consumer goods transactions. It is commonplace to sign a contract with a medical device sales personnel to sign a contract of hundreds of thousands of yuan, and it is not uncommon for millions of dollars in a business. Although huge numbers mean benefits, from a different perspective, the activities of medical device salespersons involve huge amounts of activities, and they are extremely responsible. They should spend enough time and energy to study the business.nWorking in this environment, some medical device sales novices feel heavy mental stress and "can't breathe". A young man who sells X -ray machine just received a large -scale hospital worth more than 3 million shopping plans. Because there was no similar experience in the past, he couldn't sleep at night. He was worried that he could not complete the normal life all day long. The end result is that because of the poor mental state, it fails to communicate effectively, and the business is not talked about.nIn reality, this kind of thing often happens to novices. In fact, the Jews have a saying "children -small questions; big children -big problems", which means that people should choose different paths according to their own personality characteristics and psychological characteristics. If you want to play a "big character" in the market, you must first weigh your own psychological tolerance and strength in all aspects. If you can't increase the sales of medical devices.n■ Endurance to win long -distance runningnThe procurement procedures for medical devices vary depending on the management methods, depending on the scale and management focus of the hospital. Generally speaking, the application may be proposed by the technology department or related physicians, and then handed over to the procurement department. If the price of the purchased product is exceeded, the highest leadership may make intervention to make the final decision.nEven in a small company, the procurement of all important materials is in the hands of the boss, but in the process of decision -making, the boss is more or less affected by subordinates. If a hospital wants to buy a light meter, although the final decision is in the hands of the boss, which brand of products to buy? At this time, the suggestion of the meter may play a great role, because he used this machine the most and has the most right to speak. It can be seen that the salesperson of medical device usually faces a complex situation and often needs to face various people. They must consider the overall situation and find the key links of work at the same time to break through in order to eventually do business.nSome people say that in the medical device market, only people with "relationships" can have customers. This conclusion may be questionable, but it also reminds us that sales work is not just as simple as "selling things". When the target customer has established a good relationship with competitors, whether you can get in your follow -up is the starting point of all the follow -up; on the other hand, once you establish a long -term relationship with the customer and continue to provide them with good follow -up services, Just like a solid barrier, it can block the invasion of competitors.nIndeed, the negotiations of medical device transactions sometimes continue for a long time, or even a few years. Therefore, the work mode of urgency and profits is not applicable to the field of medical device.n■ Services mustnServices have become one of the themes of current merchants competition, especially for the medical device industry. It can be said without exaggeration that in many cases, fast maintenance ability may be the main reason for doing business. If you buy a certain product, you often have problems in use, and it is difficult to find necessary parts and manpower for instant repair after the problem -this kind of thing will seriously affect the relationship between the two parties of medical equipment.nIn our country, the daily work of large and medium -sized hospitals is extremely busy, and its equipment is mostly operating overload. Many hospitals have said that in order to obtain timely maintenance services, they would rather spend more money and even buy some maintenance parts in inventory. It can be seen how important the after -sales service of medical devices is. For medical device salespersons, getting orders is just the beginning of work. The success of medical device salespersons to a large extent renamed subsequent service work. Therefore, medical device salesperson should do every work of after -sales, especially when dealing with big customers, they must be particularly serious and must not be lost due to small.n■ Pay close attention to find opportunitiesnIt should be known that the demand for medical devices is completely dominated by consumer demand. In the final analysis, the needs of medical devices are derived from consumer demand, and no one will buy a medical device due to psychological factors such as collection, follow -up, and love. Therefore, we say that the total demand for medical devices cannot be scalable.nThe budget restriction is an inevitable problem of medical device sellers. If the purchase funds of the products you sell have been included in the budget, of course, it is very good; if you are not included in the budget, you will encounter trouble, because the plan for re -application for the budget It's hard to pass.nSmart and large companies know that any changes in internal operation order may cause confusion, and new products or new methods may also destroy the original operating order. But if the customer changes a new leader, this may be a good opportunity to intervene. Whether you can find and seize these opportunities requires sales staff to keep paid attention to and truly understand the internal situation of customers.

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