3 thoughts on “What crystal is the main crystal market in Pujiang County”

  1. Pujiang is the largest crystal production and processing center in the country. It has a history of more than 20 years. Earlier products were very single, mainly crystal lighting accessories, and pendant grinding technology. After 2000, the crystal processing technology has been developed rapidly, the production equipment has been continuously improved, the output has a significant improvement process, and its popularity has also increased rapidly. Now the crystal production processing process is relatively mature, and the polishing voltage carving processing process is divided into full handicraft, half -manual, fully automatic, etc. The raw material of the artificial crystal is K9 K5 K4 Glass Glass Stry Crystal. The K9 material is silicon, which is very light transmittance and has no radiation pollution. The products made from crystal are novel. Crystal ornaments Crafts Crystal Decoration Products Business Gifts and other crafts!

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