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  1. Okinawa Star (Ryuaczi Star) Birthday: December 21 Constellation: Sagittarius nickname: Sulfur Covered Cinderella Dark Star Dark Emperor Okinawa Gender: Male character: simple, brave, domineering seventh sense: art feathers, Ethernet (Ethernet (Ethernet (由地狱的血液产生八大要素之一)冲绳暗星(9)窍门:云动拳头,云云集,黑暗边缘,云盾,云控制温度,黑暗的暴风云化身云狼,暗皇家盖,云,血hell. Love: September CP: Nine Okinawa Experience: In the past, the rich master, "Ziwei Star" in September, and his parents let him escape alone to abduct Xue Lan (September 1st). Relief to Lan Xue's "maid" -Cinderella, she vowed to catch September. Always play an important role in the crisis period, crushing snow. After the arrested September day failed many times, VV decided to take the exam and became a detective. Experience: September, causing teachers VV Academy, anger inspires the sixth sense, and one day hurts the month. VV returns to university and go to New York to perform tasks. After the financial crisis in New York, he obtained the Oscar VV summoning and Moon God, and went to Casablanca Ayou, Northern Africa to converge, but the aircraft made by the fallen angel exploded. And inspire the seventh sense of his determination to develop! After encountering the identity of the desert bandit 12 fallen angel glass exhibition, the greedy wolf, the poisoning had collapsed for a month. Cang passed the test, the seventh sense of Yu Yun during the operation, and the greedy wolf, who came to the ancient country of Yan Voya City and rescued the successful development of October in September. Later, he accidentally found a small glass posing, and now returns to the world with Lilith. In the "maid's hut", the fallen angel assaulted in October, breaking the army, and the gravity of greedy wolf Hengzi was too strong because there was no chance of winning. To save them, drink the blood of hell! The incarnation of the devil, instantly injured Heinz. Looking at the snow on the homepage, Xue gave a "cloud love" as a confession gift. Tie Qing, the sixth place in the serious injury. After being abducted K. The threat of potassium month must shed tears to steal the army, and K collects soil elements. In order to protect the month, he was injured for K. In September, the broken army cover will be rescued. But the broken army was in September, which made him, but then encountered a dark moon siege. Okinawa stars are used as chips in the flesh, awakening hells to rescue the soul of the demon September, and kill orange Yao Ming V (fake). In the end, the devil took him into the abyss fourth to drag the devil. The devil was the main swallow of the mother and a new angel in San Diego, California. After the appearance, the 10th and fourth devil appeared, attacking September and lost to me. [1] On September (September) Birthday: September 16 Constellation: Virgo, also known as: Little Snow Blue September Sunday, Gender: Female profile: This is a rich woman spent money on the surface, in fact It is a well -known international thief September. From the streets to visit, it can be regarded as shopping mad. In Yicu's high -priced sulfur star villas, and the commission of sulfur star dressed as his "woman". There is a pet cat "Xiaoyu." The former member of the Black Cavalry Month, after being discovered, K is NC, and Q from the organization. Personality: brave, strong, confident and cute black light occasionally stomach September seventh sense: Yuguang Technology (Bayi Element) Professional: Early eaves walking on the wall for 10 seconds to make it easy to pretend, reorganizers like people: Star of Sulfur (now) Ten Monthly (memory that is wiped out) Favorite clothes: cute, sexy preference: collecting ancient origins and pointed out the country of orchid cultural treasures, shopping, designing for small 孬 hairstyles, making family maid housekeepers: Mr. Q-Jiujiu Yue Tian Batler and Counsel, any action day in September according to his plan, a mysterious scientist CP: 99 Okinawa Experience: Mysterious boy (suspecting Xuanyue), found that the evil spirit occupies his own KQ and left Heiyue base. With the help of Q's Dr. Q and Rev. Bagana, he found the Palace and followed the Black Cavalry for a month. However, Lucifoy arrived at the first palace and set up a trap. The seventh sense of the Seventh sense of the Seventh Clown Dal Dal in the off -road vehicle and his living space began to be replaced in September and October. Malacca experience activities, with Okinawa, New York. After the crisis in New York, Dr. Q -Black Moon Island went to Sahara. In order to find the Black Cavalry Month, he went to Casablanca and converged VV Research Institute. After the arrival of Dr. Q in September, he saved the VV Academy and began to find different spaces. He was lost during the black cavalry month. Among them, Gu Yan came in in October and in October, to save the toxic of the toad monster king, the dose was awakened in October. When people came to protect Shanhaiguan, the 800,000 combat forces in October quickly assisted. It collapsed in October, and after September, we returned to the world to connect the world. Go to Poseidon and Xuanyue on the same boat. I accidentally saw that Mr. was a dark moon killing, and it was Zi Xunjiu! K, then keep it in the medium! Later, he gradually recovered his consciousness, and he was rescued from sulfur star. He was rescued from the order of the army. Because I knew the army, the big stars left, and decided to save the army. He was seventh, eighth, and nine stopped. In September, the Dark Moon clan siege, the super whirlwind made by Okinawa Star Yuyun, far moon. When I came to the Black Moon Island in September, the development element of the seventh sense of stone -technology Yu Liang. Love was buried in October and the teenager was eliminated. In October, he wanted to escape because of war and fear of facing the future, but was stopped by white boys. The seventh sense of development is successfully integrated because of our confidence in love. Use your own dress bracelet to rescue Dr. Q and others, and calm down the city after arriving to prevent ghosts. The sulfur star helped destroy the leading star tower, rescued April, and reached the devil again. Okinawa was a star attack and saved her on the 10th. Month (October) Birthday: September 15th, October Inflammation (18) Constellation: Virgin Nickname: October Gender Inflammation: Male Personality: Kind and Gentle Friends, the cold inner strength of the enemy, courage, kindness, in September, there is in September.种说不出的感觉(爱情),恐惧忏悔代表花:彼岸花(第七感时,全回纹)第七感:郁而化火术(八一元素)技能:智HL,志鸽子,龙炎The anger, the silver Thai Brahma, the other side of the flower. The seventh sense is full of Shura (although Shurachi can open the thermal sensing system, the students who can burn, lead to blindness, Chi Shuro suicide tactics) The highest I mysterious-not moving (the most lethal fire), spin the flame, burn volcanic rock rocky rock rock Weakness: Afraid of girls' tears, especially in September. Love: September Experience: During the danger of Di Palace in the Persian Gulf, Rev. Basidal opened the seventh sense of saving him and September. If the mission of leaving the Malacca Strait halfway is to find September. Later, he was killed by Lilith's difference in the world with his identity. Ten, because the real prince was rescued by the hunter that happened to appear in October, it was ten leaders. From Yanyun 18 to September as a leader of a stranger. When it is passed through the Magics City, because Yuchang assassinates the black witch and affected, they are regarded as the accomplices of the rebels. A group of colleagues were also placed under house arrest, and October was not only sleepy. The next day, I got the amulet and September, and when it came to the charm "ghost" of riding Yanyun 18, it rescued his companion. Drinking the tower in the evening of September, was attacked by the strange frog. In September, the toad was injured in October. It was strange to save and recover September. The gallbladder and the white wizard pharmaceutical nine brothers fought, and returned to the left side of the snake. Back to that guy, sad city, determined to protect Yan Guo. In the Nine -myater war, the fire caused the nine pupil princes, and the wishes of the prince followed the Jiuli White Witch. Then send it like a person who wears a flying blade belt. The 800,000 barbarians invaded the army, and strolling in the city has become the last emperor who entered the sea in the city. In October, he resolutely provoked the burden on the escape of people to escape in the city -the 800,000 troops! Bloody three days and three nights, the most esoteric -the king is not moved and repelled Manjun! The glass was summoned, because of the mirror, almost arrested and rescued Lilith. After waking up, they all returned to the current world. After the "maid's home" fell, they were surrounded and fought with Hengz. Heinz's sulfur star was injured, and the gravity became black after failure. The victory of the duel in the Haixian Arena came. After being arrested September, the rescue of September was brought back to the vast seventh nervous lock uniform K. collapsed, threatening life in September, October's soul invading the body (the condition eliminates the human nerve lock in September) to wake up At the moment after September, let her leave. K was subsequently used by the body! It became a demon in March, and then killed the Dark Knight for a month. Make one of the six beings -heaven. Prophecy: The accidental death of the red pupil, the black moon autumn sky ... the ashes of the angry fire ... Phoenix is ​​reborn and rebirth! Analysis: Solution: Red Hitomi died by accident (that is, the arrival of Lucifer, Lucifer is the red pupil) Black Moon fell in heaven (meaning the black moon island defensive agency) Death) The ashes of the phoenix rebirth (because the real phoenix does not, it refers to the greedy wolf resurrection). Solution 2: Red Hitoma is K, alternative solution. CP: 90 Edit March (March) Birthday: November 4th Constellation: Scorpio Nickname: Golden March Personality: indifferent, good fighting, irritable, advocating power. April is a partner, and the two people have deep feelings. The seventh sense: Jin Yu (Bayi Element) weapon art: Black Moon Iron Riding Label. Killing: Xuan Tie Joker, the edge of the bliss wide area network, standardized edge of the wide area network, sword rain fireworks, sickle moon like ghosts: blood color, desperate enemy expression. CP: 34 Experience: In addition to April and September, to protect the masks and fight a day. Persian Gulf passes through the underground palace. He went to New York to investigate the trace of the fallen angel. After the New York crisis, the Black Island led to the siege of 12 fallen angel Lucifer, but he left in October in New York. March eyeliner followed Lucifer in New York and was besieged. At the critical moment, Lucy (the loss -like fell angel) stunt "white hair 3,000 feet" falling angels to kill the remaining species disappeared, and then asked for the launch of Lucifer in March. Inside, after seeing the illusion of March to April, after knowing the illusion, the monthly rescue month was truly rescued, and they went to the north of the island. When escape from the northern part of the island, it was intercepted by Carmen, and in April March, it tacitly cooperated with the instant escape. But it did not really escape. At the critical moment, Qiao (the fallen seedlings of the seeds) holding Kamen and Iraqi DG, the little fat man took the opportunity to escape the submarine and went to the sea in April, March, March, March. He was seriously injured in March, tendon and full cut. Lu rushed to the hospital for treatment. Lost ability! In April March, he pursued money for unattended treatment, but unfortunately chose to go to dark underground fighting games and participate in corner fights. After April, the nurse fled the village, and then persuaded April to escape like a small chin. But later learned, but when I came back in April, the last element used by needle became a fallen angel. The threat of Firefox (small chin) in April and became a golden fighter gold. After the defeat of the army, he rushed to the Poseidon. After April, he was seriously injured in April. In order to protect the prince Royce, his equity was rushed to Cang to recover in time. From April to gold, unfortunately fell into the trap to save April, and it was vowed by Feiya. The outbreak of March collapsed, six wings opened, causing Mr. Jin, and trying to break Poseidon, but Lilith's fantasy in April was blocked. Cang moved to the door, Dimension Black Moon Island. For April of Fuxing, people who used the sickle moon ghost killed the black on the island. K's blood pool manufacturing allowed Ashura, meditation and destroying the city, and now switched to the Justice Party. Prophecy: Six wings are unfolding behind you, dark as night, the devil has given you the strength, your rights! Solution: The six wings behind you started (the piercing elements of the needle in the next three months stimulated the seventh sense of the element, expanded the six wings), and Satan gave you strength (the sense of acupuncture development of the seventh, the sense of blood pool was half god) After you, God (Blood Pool Refined Ashura Road, Paradise K) Birthday (April) Birthday: March 11 Constellation: Pisces April and amplifier nickname: Women's Seventh sense: Yu Yimu (Yu Yimu ( One of the eighth elements) Description: Like continuous rainy days, weapon rattan, good organizational plans, operating in March with partners, every danger will stop in front of March. Skills: Fujido Snake Dance CP: 34 (Officially released) Experience: The Battle of September of September in the September of the Month. Persian Gulf passes through the underground palace. When besieged on the black island, he was deliberately injured by illusion in the battle. Afterwards, the fallen angel was singing, and Samuel lost the paradise. Restore the pigeon in April by the injury caused by the virus. In March, the March Lost Park was rescued and went to the north of the island. When escaped from the northern part of the island, it was a Cammen interception. In April March, it tacitly cooperated with the instant escape, but did not escape! At the critical moment, Joa took Carmen and Iraqi DG and took the opportunity of April March. In March, he had to find money separately, but unfortunately chose to go to the dark underground to participate in the arena fighting game. However, a broken tendon was rescued by a fat woman. And in March, the nurse, Xiao Yan fled the village, was in March. After that, the enemy's plan was as early as April. But she found that March has become a fallen angel! Since the vow of partners established in March, it has become a fallen angel in March. After March, Xiao Yan threatened to become the golden fighter gold. Spring order, defeat the army together. In the same month, he woke up and killed the gold together, but he was trapped into the enemy. After March, he was worn by Wan Jian. Cang was later transported back to Black Island in March, and has successfully absorbed the seventh sense. Lori has always remembered the heartbeat and saved the queen Cang. Cangyue (November) Birthday: August 15th; Constellation: Leo Nickname: Cang (Cangyue Bing) Bingbing Cang Zi: Queen Royal Sister, Loli (becoming a child), cold, cold and hot. Note: The blue royal blood, the genius of learning, grows in the medium since childhood, life support systems and liquids that maintain their lives, connect to the computer's brain area, can obtain the infinite knowledge of the human world. It can survive for 12 days, so it is not a critical moment, and Mr. K will not send her to perform the task. Dr. Emi transferred to his memory, ability, and fragile body to protect Dr. Amy's capacity exceeding normal operation. To produce Lolita Cang, the wine is to maintain the status of the queen. Now, the strength of the soul Amy that the two has separated and the deepest sympathy of the kind and pure Cang. Lolita is the soul of the country and has died. Lolita -like greedy wolf (Amy greedy wolf about love), a delicate relationship between Queen and Xuanyue. Seventh sense: Big: ① Treatment of energy waves (restricted to cure, cannot be resurrected, sea god preservation April March) ② jade ice technology, the ability to control ice.目前常用的招数:天上天下,唯我独尊,机翼结冰,冰镜面反射,穗,千手观音,安静的冷极光,南十字星盾,九龙玄冰,绝对零度冰姬上涨,剑冰,冰弓Xuan, Bing Cang Emperor Dragon. Loli: Extremely healing energy wave. The eighth meaning: Kiss the cosmic door wine god: Made of sunflower Popa, maintaining the best alcoholic body in the necklace. Now is the seventh sense of the green gray VI despair pianist) CP: Zeng Ruan Zeng greedy experience: When the Black Moon Iron Rider was trapped in the underground palace by Lucifer, he arrived and rescued the Black Cavalry for a month. After the mysterious months of the mysterious month on the eve of the 12 kinds of black island on the black island, it was the island of the greedy wolf and the VV College of the Black Broken Army Base. However, Dr. Amy, because the integration between cells lacks a certain understanding, wake up becoming a wayward child, and there are signs of seventh sense. Due to the successful fusion of drinking wine and Dr. Amy cells, it has become the BOSS VV Research Institute. Use the trick "Tiantian, only me to respect" 300 degraded angels. From glass and control, the pale and weak desert gang meets the VV Academy. This is a child through the desert! Then rely on waking up chocolate liquor to help Ryukyu star, giant gate, and Lucun's seventh sense of development. Because eating chocolate wine brings different dimensions and the world of wine, it is impossible to resonate home again. It is considered to be arrested as an accomplice. The star was sent to the sulfur rescue. The sulfur eating chocolate wine star brought the role of the eighth sense of chocolate wine, and everyone in the world returned now. Kiss sunflower because of the alcoholic god, and one person challenges, Xuanyue and fallen angels! The hypnotic mysterious boy fell out all the fallen angels forever. The greedy wolf dreams of knowing the law and criminals. After that, Cangyue woke up to save and help March, and in April to catch bird ice gold airship. Rescue April and prevent violent state in March. Discover the last element of the stone. After defeating the artificial man and said, "Karenca" had a strange dream, and set foot on the journey to save the world. With the shadow of the "Binglong Emperor Cang" national center offensive, his face was iron -blue VI would kiss the wine god, and returned to Lolita's state. The greedy wolf has been rescued. After that, with the help of the world of greedy wolf escape, with the help of the world, he came to the city to meditate with the greedy wolf. The soul was divided into Dr. Kwai's "good (Lolita)" and "evil (Queen Cang)". Loli Zeng Yinquan has died. Xuanyue (Moon) claims: Lucifer (Lucifer) Seventh sense: Mental -controlled Imperial Art Water (absorbing hills) Jade Blood Surgery (absorbing martial arts) Eighth sense: Current unknown preference: Wine CP: Cangxuan Li Xuan Mo Xuan experience: 13 descendants of the ancients pointed out, former member of Lan, Black Moon Iron Rider, Cavalry Moon Black Ace. It can be seen that the world specifications K Xuanyue exclude in crystal balls and tissues. His goal is to destroy K in the monthly vacation of the Black Cavalry, prevent the world from governing the world, and absorb elements. We must bite the teeth, and its maid Xiaosa continues to redeem. The Royal Star has a white ring. Gulan said Wang Chu's child. In the first step of the moon and black, the trap of the earth palace cavalry was found. If there was no timely appearing, the black moon iron rider would cover the whole army. He stole the ancient lesson and the scepter, and created New York (the purpose of making a crisis in New York was the Black Moon Island of Siege.) The Black Moon Iron Riding the whole army was wiped out, but the April crisis was captured. In September, Cangyue was looking for another world. In October four months, half of the world had been conquered. Leading the fallen angels went to Poseidon and the attack on the sea snake next month. In the contest of the Poseidon, the absorption of K to replace and disguise it into the fallen angel virus, so that the aging K. true whereabouts are unknown. Mr. greedy wolf (strange and chic)? Introduction: Male, VV effective college counselors, the seventh sense is God's hand, with the thumb of others to take the seventh sense, the index finger is released, and the remaining three -finger stores can also use three capabilities (disadvantages: God's hand is only the hand of God Ten minutes of use time, one hour after cooling). But the narcissism in life, the heart. He hid in the ancient kingdom of Langu Guo, and learned that the 13th child's body that K was not taken away was the child of the devil (Muir Information V is the institution of the evil spirit K). Before Dr. Amy woke up, he forced his heart to install a bomb. CP: Greedy experience: In the Malacca Strait, Royal Mining Operations uses festive angels, earth art and restrictions on the use of feathers to cure the revival of Tonte. Dr. Amy invited him to revive the Black Cavalry Month, and they transferred to an unknown time and space. When the seventh sense of cooling, this is an angel who attacked the fallen, but gave the seventh complete "real body dragon" to rescue the army rescue. After the Casablanca and other teachers, the hotel Casablanca attacked the fallen angel and was sealed by the glass and could not use the seventh sense. The VV College crosses the desert and is sent to the Daxing discovery with VV University! In addition, he met the desert gang and knew them, so because of bad diet anesthesia and autumn. Get the elevator's sealing glass after kissing! Restore the seventh sense! Enter different spaces to save everyone. When Cangyue used the "Dimension Gate", there was no time for him to help us return to the current world. Fallen angel raid, he drank sulfur star to keep the blood of hell. Save the fallen angel and Xiao Cang arrived in the sea god. Lock the shadow fog town center in the M-5 area of ​​the world to escape from the loli version of the loli version. He was rescued by a mysterious figure in the city, and now he saw a meditation meditation Sader spokesman-Monica. Lilith is now seriously injured during the war. But the ability to heal the wound healing after "half of God". Copy the eight major elements to destroy the body and become an energy body and destroy the star tower. Now, use K to fight, use the strongest defense -atrium. Lilith (Lilith) concluded: Twelve fallen angel Lucifer has been betrayed. And decided to guard in October with his own life. , Happiness and Gegeyinwu tear mole was exiled -living in a country from a young age: Eli Shili Liyu Seventh sense: Charm Lilith Experience CP. Through the underworld boss, the boss captured gold on the stage. Brothers cut blade rescue, from fierce, and finally took away Xuanyue, becoming a falling angel. Black Moon Island, World War I. The first time in February Magic Magic memory, then let the October wedding and died in September. In the garden, the illusion of March was confused, but was found. In the different dimensions of the dimension, the Magic Magic has always been a mirror, but the General Administration has seen through. He was rescued by a big star. Back to the real world, tell you how to remove glass sealing. After walking, a music box was left until October. In order to understand the knot and make the choice of the soul, the assassination of Mr. Gold was assassinated, in order to unveil the secret mask in April and March, split the mask and become a golden puppet. They are controlled by leaving the bait, and they are rescued by the division of the mold. In March, the moment it fell to the ground, it was found in the heart in March and told the star that who secretly marched. Mr. Jin and the illusion aircraft seen through Kim, in March. Phantom violence is awake April and March. Forced the body from October, but after the incident, the memories of K to October were pursued, becoming the exclusive Lilith's brother and temptation. With K to the Black Moon Base, the magician made March strong in God. The six blood pool enables humans -humans. Now using the greedy wolf battle, the injured greedy wolf. Black Moon Iron Riding about partners: January 25, 3, Four, June 7, 90, Cangxuan couple (6) Asked the doctor's gender: Male profile: Now there are organized black cavalry for a month. Batler, Assistant K September. However, there are also mysterious scientists. January (January) Gender: Female style: quiet and cute little girl, has a powerful power, worship of brother in October. Seventh sense: Use explosive items to control your brain waves by contacting. Strike: The preference for blowing the waves of sugar: the various flavors of lollipop, the smile of the old brother in October, the children play in the arms of my sister in September. Experience: When the greedy wolf and the broken army saved the moon, the broken army was stunned and took away. At the Casablanca Hotel, the University of Vivi was a falling angel siege and was rescued. The VV Academy traveled through the desert and fainted with pale prescriptions and woke up. Who followed the month and October, after different spaces. Sea God Hotel, because of the ability to attract each other, a month that gives up to grasp January and create a fake. Cang found the last element of the stone and returned to the Black Moon Base. In violation of Mr., escaped the murder in March, the doctor led Q, and now and September, help meet the seventh sense of Dr. Q. After September rescue heaven bar. Month (February) Gender: Male: Very arrogant, fierce, A simple birthday: August 21 Constellation: Leo Seventh sense: have the ability to communicate with animals. The animals (including stupid people) and animals within 10 kilometers through mental strength and exchange can become his tools! Weapon: Any animal preference: Various animals, composition, beauty experience: Malacca to snatch the scepter and fall an angel in New York to investigate clues. After the New York crisis, the Black Moon Island Twelve Fallen Angel Lucifer was siege and went to rescue before October. After arriving, enter the underground passage from Black Island, but kill Lilith with magic. The greedy wolf preservation and extreme treatment, transferred to an unknown time and space, and came to the dream jungle. After experiencing one after another jungle adventure. May (May) Gender: Male Personality: Perseverance of calmness, stubborn heart stubborn stars, peers who dare to sacrifice the seventh sense: body petrochemical weapon: multifunctional rifle, muscle, super invincible toe avatar toes Brazilian barbecue PS: Marstma was killed. After that, Mr. greedy wolf preserved and transmitted to an unknown time and space, and became a special forces.月(6月)性别:女日期:6月20日星座:双子座能力:控制声音的角色:热奔放,花痴(如10月)和一点点自恋的第七感:要控制声波的能力, By reflecting the sound waves, you can master the task in the darkness, or even the action of the enemy. Strike: The preference of sound wave attack: Classical music PS: The dying of sandworms and earthworms that are becoming strange, Mr. greedy wolf, saved and transmitted to an unknown time and space, becoming the different beaches of the old night goddess of the world. Jun (July) Gender: Male Personality: Internal, Focus. There is an artist's temperament and likes all good things; Libra (elegant, artistic atmosphere) Seventh sense: converted to electronic air protection screen, black people in the monthly cavalry with the strongest defense capabilities. The protective screen is called absolute defense. It is said that even if laser weapons and nuclear weapons cannot penetrate mold attacks: The rapid expansion of preferences: art works in the Renaissance PS: Fallen Angel Nighting Oriole, Mr. greedy wolf saved, transferred to an unknown unknown Time, space, become slaves. CP: July, July and July (month) Gender: Actress: Libra Personality: optimistic, cheerful understanding (this is her seventh sense) Professional analysis and reasoning (July is twin brothers and sisters) Seventh sense: Human-Reading Reading (Actions that can be used to predict opponents) preferences: Detective novels, bullying July PS: Fallen Angel Carmen was beaten. After that, Mr. greedy wolf was preserved and transferred to an unknown time and space, as a monarch. CP: Seven Eight

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